Christine and Megan met back in 1989 when they were both singing in the Women’s choir at Gordon College in Wenham, MA. It was during that time that their choir director nicknamed them the “Earth Mamas” due to their love for singing gritty tenor and alto harmonies. Megan was fresh out of Berklee College of Music and was itching for a songwriting partner and asked Christine one afternoon if she could help her write some lyrics to a guitar riff she was working on. It was at that time, they wrote their first song together, “Come Children”. Christine and Megan then partnered with another student, Margo deSimon and wrote more songs together and performed at Gordon and local coffee houses and benefits throughout the early 90’s.

Once Megan and Christine graduated, they went their separate ways. Christine moved to Russia and worked as a missionary for 20+ years and Megan pursued a career in occupational therapy here in the states. They both had families and became very busy with raising their children and balancing their careers. They lost touch during this time.

One day in January of 2016, Megan was in her basement, going through some of her old music and stumbled across an old cassette and videotape that was recorded during an Earth Mama performance in 1992. Megan took a chance and reached out to try to find Christine on Facebook. They both were in luck! Christine had recently moved back to Massachusetts from Russia and they had a very emotional musical reunion at Christine’s home with both of their families.

The bond they shared was reignited and they soon found out that the music they wrote 25 years ago, had a prophetic tone and healing force that stretched from the past to the present. They have since written a new song about this experience, “Home”.

Megan and Christine are now performing again together and also with the band “Noisy Waters” which includes some of their family members and friends. They play gigs at local coffee houses and other musical venues in MA and NH.